Neil Young Throws A Bash For 260 Of His Nearest And Dearest

Unlike San Diego, Seattle appreciates Pearl Jam. The group were all at

Club Moe in Seattle last Wednesday, June 7 performing at a private

party for 260 for Neil Young's nearest and dearest. The purpose of the

party was to preview Neil's latest album Mirror Ball to the

folks of Seattle. The band playing the event was billed only as

"Mirror Ball," Young told us. Since Pearl Jam played on the album and

will back Young when he tours Europe, it was only natural that they

backup the former Godfather of Grunge at the party. ( What does one

call him, now that the term "grunge" has fallen so far out of

fashion?) Mike McCready, Jack Irons, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament

pirouetted through all of the eleven songs on Mirror Ball, as

well as heartfelt versions of "The Needle And The Damage Done,"

"Cortez The Killer," "Powderfinger," "Down By The River" and "Out of

the Blue," apparently a tribute to Kurt Cobain. Eddie Vedder didn't

join the guys on-stage until the encore, whipping the star-studded

crowd beyond mere frenzy. Star studded you ask? According to the

proprietors of Club Moe: "Everyone was a person of note. There was no

room for normal people like you or me." When we tried to squeeze some

specific information from him, he finally relented, albeit

reluctantly. "Take a guess, and you'd be right. Everyone you'd expect

to be there was. All of Pearl Jam (natch), all of Soundgarden, all of

Candlebox. Drew Barrymore. Everybody."

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