More On That Rad Benefit for Aquarius Records

So the thing was, we ran this item yesterday about the cool benefit

for Aquarius Records, the San Francisco record store. And then we got

to thinking. Like why a benefit for a record store. So we went over

there and asked this long-haired dude named Allan Horrocks who we ran

into out front of the store and who happens to work there and also

publishes a fanzine about extremely obscure bands called Hoe.

(And is that a long enough run-on sentence, or what?)

Here's the deal. Way back in ancient times (that would be the '60s or

maybe early '70s) somehow taxes were not paid and so Aquarius has

found itself paying the Taxman all kinds of interest and penalties and

the like. In an effort to get out from under their debt to the

government, they're holding this benefit. Horrocks told us that the

store is always strapped for cash and so can't carry as many albums as

they'd like since they can't afford them. If they can pay off the back

taxes, that will allow them to have more cash for expanding their

inventory of the coolest indie music around. So we think you should do

you duty, attend the benefit, see great bands and help the cause.

Anyway, they're holding the benefit this Saturday (June 10) at the

Bottom of the Hill. Rather amazing bill includes Dirty Three from

Australia, Virginia Dare, Barbara Manning, American Music Club leader

Mark Eitzel, Virgil, The Hammers of Eternity, J Chuck, El Camiho,

Nothing Painted Blue's Franklin Bruno, E-Ville and "the first

performance in 26 years of the legendary psych band" Fifty Foot Hose.

Should be a blast. Tickets just $10. For info call: 415-647-2272.