Everclear Love Their "Heroin Girl"

We're completely blown away by Sparkle And Fade, the new album

from Portland's Everclear. The track we've been hearing on the radio

is the controversial "Heroin Girl," which is about this guy's

girlfriend, who he was way, way into ("Ester used to be the kind of

lover you would never leave/ She'd do anything to give me what I need/

For my disease/ She'd do anything"), but who is found dead due to an

overdose. The song careens along at a breakneck pace, guitars roaring

like a wreaking ball smashing through a decaying building.

Singer/guitarist/songwriter Art Alexakis has one of those voices--Paul

Westerberg and Mark Eitzel come immediately to mind--that you become

addicted to. Add some fine, fine writing (check out "Heartspark

Dollarsign," about a guy whose parents don't like him having a black

girlfriend, and "Summerland," about escaping to a place where "we

could leave behind another wasted year.") Recorded at Butch Vig's

Smart Studios, the album has a huge raw sound that is a good argument

for occasionally actually having a recording budget to work with.

Catch the group live:

June 10, Los Angeles, Dragonfly

June 11, Kansas City, MO, Forum Amphitheater

June 23, Portland, La Luna

June 24, Seattle, King Theater