Lollapalooza Wants You!!!!!

We were in a daze and we cruised into the Lollapalooza web site and

before we knew it, we'd found out that those Lollapalooza folks care.

They really do. And to prove it, they're trying to get us--yep, you

too!!--involved in this year's touring festival. Like if you are a

fashion designer, and you want to display your stuff at the festival,

they want you to send over a catalog to:

Shawn London

4701 #C Arrow Highway

Montclair, CA 91763

They want local bands too. If you have a band and you know three songs

-- you qualify! Lollapalooza will supply all backline (drums, amps,

PA). Please send your band information to the address above,

along with a telephone number where you can be reached during the day.

They're also looking for chefs (send info to same address), dance

groups who would like to perform on stage, people able to perform

"Stupid Human Tricks" like juggle chain saws or balance dogs on your

head while standing on a bowling ball, and victims of at least one UFO

abduction. Actually, this is our favorite part of the whole

Lollapalooza thing this year. Have you ever been taken by aliens to a

far away place, like Fontana or Mars? If so, let them know! All of the

above events will be taking place on the ring stage located on the

Mindfield. For your info, this year there will be a Main Stage, a

Second Stage and a ring stage. Cool.