Say It's Your Birthday: Nancy Sinatra

When you think Nancy Sinatra, there is only one song that comes to

mind: "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'." Back in 1966, when "These

Boots..." went number one and sold a million copies, the S&M aspects

of the lyrics ("..gonna walk all over you") was lost on many of the

teenage fans who bought the single. Today, looking at Frank's little

girl staring off the cover of Boots the album that contained

the hit, with her red leather boots and mini dress, Nancy does look

ready to pull out the whip. Oh well. As a kid she studied dance,

acting, singing and piano and made her national TV debut in 1960 on a

special that included Frank and Elvis! Her first singles--"Like I Do,"

"Tonight You Belong To Me" and others--were hits in England, Europe

and South America, but not in America. "These Boots..." changed

everything. She had some solid hits after that, including "Sugar Town/

Summer Wine" which reached #5 on the charts. In addition to her

recording career, Nancy acted in TV series including "The Virginian"

and in films like "Bikini Party in a Haunted House" and "Last of the

Secret Agents."