Fan's Notes on Cranberries' D. C. Freebie

ATN deputy correspondent Tracy Phillips reports: Hi there!! I saw your

item [June 6] regarding the Cranberries free show here in D.C.

and thought I'd share my experience with you. There were 15,000

people there

(the local radio station that sponsored this, WHFS, said they were


expecting 3,000-4,000 to show up) and the D.C. Park Police definitely


handle this. It was quite amazing. Not only were there bottles and

all other sorts

of missiles flying, but people were too! So, we got to hear exactly

one and a half

songs, and to top it all off, someone stole Delores O'Riordan's guitar

off of the

stage! It was a pretty wild lunch hour, let me tell ya. I think that

WHFS could

have provided a little extra security, which might have prevented the


Police from completely going ballistic on the crowd. The Cranberries

are a

major band right now, and I can't believe that they thought only a few


people would come to a free show. The crowd itself was a weird

mix of suits

and ties and kids. I just think that the moshing freaked the Park

Police out

(actually, it freaked me out. I mean, moshing to an acoustic

version of "Linger?" These people need to get out more). All in all,

it was a disaster. I'm not even

close to being a Cranberries' fan, but I figured it would be a nice

way to spend

my lunch hour and hang out with some cool, fun people. I felt bad for

the fans

that had been waiting there since dawn to get a good spot to see the


Anyway, that's my take on the day, and keep up the good work!!

(Oh--please tell

Joey Ramone thanx for playing the HFStival last Saturday--we had a


and if this truly is going to be the last Ramones album/tour, I will

miss them

dearly. Joey is one cool guy, IMHO. THANX RAMONES!!! )