Cranberries Not Allowed To Linger

Washington DC police pulled the plug on a free show by The Cranberries

at the outdoor Sylvan Theater near the Washington Monument, declaring

the seemingly peaceable crowd of several thousand to be "an unsafe

situation." Not surprisingly, police actions turned the peaceable crowd

ugly. The cops were showered with debris. Mounted police then charged

the crowd, as helicopters and additional ground forces were summoned.

An audience member caught in the middle told the NME, "In a

farcical fashion, the cops turned their mounties loose on the wild mob

of teenage skateboarders, co-eds, suit-and-tie yuppies and suburban

moms, like we were post-earthquake looters or something. It was a

sickening experience, completely botched. It escapes me how anyone

could possibly believe there was a problem at a love-fest like this

one. The most unsafe thing about the show was the pollen count." Any

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