N. Y. Music Festival Features Joey Ramone's Unsigned

We hope you don't mind the self-promotion, but we actually thought

you'd be interested to know that Joey Ramone & Addicted To Noise are

presenting a special show at the Continental Divide in New York on

July 19. The show, called "Joey Ramone's Unsigned: A New York

Extravaganza," will feature what Joey calls "the crème de la crème of

the unsigned." Also set to perform will be Joey himself, backed by a

very hip band that will include members of the Ramones, Dictators and

Spanky. Other guest stars: Manitoba's Wild Kingdom, D Generation and

Holly Vincent. The show will begin at 8 pm. The unsigned bands set to

perform: Spanky, Stop, N. Y. Loose, Los Gusonos (featuring C. J.

Ramone), Helen Love (from England), Hammerbrain, The Independents,

L.E.S. Stitches, Los Primos and La Vista Hotheads. We'll keep you

updated on new developments. You can also get info at the

Apple QuickTime web site.