Rolling Stone Changing Of The Guard

We were surprised to learn from the L. A. Times that Rolling

Stone music editor David Fricke will be returning to his old job

as a senior writer. Fricke has been music editor since the fall of

1993, when he took over for James Henke. Under Fricke's watch, the

magazine moved into the '90s, making a calculated effort to cover

newer artists, including interviews with Thurston Moore and cover

stories on Hole, Green Day, and Soul Asylum. No word yet on who will

be the new music editor, or if another shift in direction is planned.

Longtime Stone senior editor Anthony DeCurtis (who had handled

the album review section) recently left the magazine to work at VH1.

Even as the a new music editor must be found for the print version,

Stone is getting ready to launch an on-line version of the

magazine on Compuserve (as ATN reported more than a month ago).

Stone watchers are curious as to whether the new music editor

will come from the magazine's current staff, or be brought in from the