Our Man Was Tapped For X-Files Soundtrack

ATN columnist David Was, formerly of the concept "band" Was (Not Was)

has been hired by "The X-Files" creator Chris Carter to put together a

soundtrack album for "The X-Files." Yeah, sure, we know "The X-Files"

is pretty lame these days. It was great last year, but it's been

downhill.... Still, Was is a genius, and given his oddball

sensibility, we find it hard to imagine that this won't turn out to be

a killer disk. He's planing of hitting up "X-Files" fans like Tom

Petty for contributions, while Carter is hoping Was will land tracks

from Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky and PJ Harvey, who has already

been contacted. Was says he's now thinking that the overall sound of

the album will be located somewhere between death metal and moody

ambient, a sonic spot we at ATN have particular fondness for. Was is

also working on his solo album, which will be titled "David Was:

Undrugged." If that sounds familiar, it should. It's the name of the

column Was contributes each month to ATN. Hey, we like to keep it all

in the family.