ATN Album of the Week: Salad's Drink Me

Hipped to this disk by our man at Mod Lang, the cool Berkeley record

store, who told us in no uncertain terms that it was "better than

Elastica, and I like Elastica," we gave it the ATN listening test. You

know, 50 certified ATN CD listeners each using headphones to carefully

check out every track. The results came back in the affirmative: yes,

this is GOOD. Just kidding. About the 50 certified listeners. Anyway,

the first track, "Motorbike to Heaven," is like Blondie meets Oasis.

Seductive, defiant vocals from singer Marijne, and groovy guitars from

Paul Kennedy. "Drink the Elixir" is fast and mesmerizing with the cool

chorus: "Drink the elixir, elixir, Drink the elixir." All the tracks

are good. We especially like "Your Ma." You'll be hearing more about

this band, lots more.