Say It's Your Birthday: Mott The Hoople's Ian Hunter

Today is the birthday of Ian Hunter born on this day in 1946. He

joined Mott The Hoople after they were signed to Island Records and

became the center-point of the group with his blatant Dylan styling.

In 1974 he and Mick Ronson both left the group to pursue solo careers.

His Diary Of A Rock Star is an autobiographical account of

their 1972 US tour. His solo album All American Boy was

well-received, followed by 1979's Your Never Alone With A

Schizophrenic, and 1990's lyrically ambitious Yui Orta.It's

also the birthday of Suzie Quatro, Mickey Finn (T Rex), Michael Clarke

(The Byrds), and Billy Powell (Lynyrd Skynyrd).