Teenage Fanclub Blow The Whistle On Label Boss

Teenage Fanclub always seemed so full of sweetness and light, with

their Hollies-esque harmonies--but the release of their new album

Grand Prix due out on June 6, shows a different, more

self-revelatory Fanclub. As reported in Melody Maker, the album

contains a track that chronicles the nervous breakdown Creation boss

Alan McGee suffered last year, (Who knew? But anyone who has to

referee the battling Gallagher brothers is bound to crumble at some

point) and three tracks (count 'em) about the relationship singer

Norman Blake had with a studio employee during the sessions for the

album--a rather fertile relationship that will soon produce a baby

Blake, at any time. The title of the song about McGee is called

"Tears" and Blake explained that "the song was written when he had his

nervous breakdown and was really ill. Over and above him being the

boss of Creation, I consider him to be a good friend, and that was a

song trying to be supportive. That line 'There's no future so don't

fake it,' is about how he thought he was Malcolm McLaren in the Sex

Pistols time! He's a lot better now. I saw him in Glasgow last night

checking out a couple of bands. He's had a hard time but he's

successful now. He's OK. He doesn't drink or do drugs any more, so

he's a lot more together." At press time ATN couldn't reach McGee to

see what he thought about Blake blabbing about him--but we can't

fathom that he'd be tickled to have his dirty laundry aired for the

world to see. Other songs on the LP: "Mellow Doubt," "Neil Jung,"

"It'll Make It Clear," "Hardcore/Ballad," "About You"

"Verisimilitude," "Say No," "I Gotta Know," "Don't Look Back,"

"Discolite," and "Going Place." The songwriting credits on the album

are divided evenly between Blake and his colleagues, bassist/singer

Raymond McGinley and guitarist/singer Gerard Love. Teenage Fanclub

will be touring America this summer with Weezer. The album is pretty

great; power pop fans should love it.