Stone Roses Stone Cold

The Stone Roses have received a rather

lukewarm reception during their tour of the States, but since this is

the first extended tour they have ever done, they are still

fine-tuning the act, so ATN will give them the benefit of the doubt

(for now). The Roses aren't using an opening act on this tour, and

instead are employing a local DJ in each city to spin records before

the show (the DJ's choice, not theirs). The shows have gone on without

incident, except that lead singer Ian Brown had a problem with his

voice on the early part of the tour because they were using an

oil-based smoke machine, causing his throat to clog up. It seems that

White Zombie had monopolized all the oil-free models. One of the mavens

at Geffen Records managed to round up another model, and Ian has

regained his winning voice. The band, not known for their outgoing

ways, have been keeping a rather low profile while they've been in the

States. Brown snuck out to attend a Beastie Boys concert in New York,

and they all made an appearance on Monday, May 29, at a benefit for

Lifebeat, the music industry's charity to fight AIDS in Los Angeles.