It's Still Not Easy Being Green (Day)

Green Day has been putting time in

the studio, and there's a rumor that we can

expect a follow-up to Dookie in October. First out of the box is

a song tilted "J.A.R." for the upcoming soundtrack for Angus, a

movie which we know next to nothing about, except that it's being

released this September. "J.A.R." will be released in late August, and

is dedicated to a pal of Green Day's who recently died in a car

accident. Green Day played two benefit shows in Oakland, California, on

May 27 and 28, for various charities they support, and as a bonus for

fans they gave out the lyrics for three of their new songs: "Geek Stink

Breath," about blowing off steam with methamphetamine; "Brat," a song

about their parents getting old; and "Armitage," an ode to

self-loathing. Do you think they wanted their fans to sing along?