Morrissey Preserved In Stone

Morrissey's album Southpaw Grammar produced by Steve Lillywhite

is finally finished after an especially long gestation period, and

will be available on July 11. The album contains these eight new

tracks: "The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils," "Reader Meet

Author," "The Boy Racer," "The Operation," "Dagenham Dave," ""Do Your

Best And Don't Worry," "Best Friend On The Payroll," and "Southpaw."

Morrissey is going to be memorialized in bronze down under. A

life-size bronze statue has been commissioned by Melbourne,

Australia's biggest indie club, Base. It'll cost in the neighborhood

of $6,500, and will be placed in the foyer of the club "for the

patrons to bow down to as they enter," according to a club spokesman.