Babes In Toyland Bite Back

In the latest issue of Strobe, Babes in Toyland really got

down with writer Sandi Salina Messana and confessed a slew of things

that never had seen the light of day, as well as (predictably)

trashing Neal Karlen's book on the band. Feeling like women scorned,

they articulated the discontent the band felt when the book was

released. According to bassist Maureen Herman, Karlen was a friend of

hers until the book came out. Kat Bjelland said that "as far as

I'm concerned with our book it's a waste of time and paper." In the

same interview, drummer Lori Barbero confessed that one of the

weirdest things for her is "I'm attracted to guys who don't like

female musicians. "She also mentioned that she was recently arrested,

but declined to say why­­one needs to retain a little mystery even in

such a high profile business.