Stone Roses Live

Sources close to the Stone Roses reveal that the band is recording

their live shows during their current tour of Europe, the US and

Japan, as well as their September shows in the UK for an upcoming live

Stone Roses album to be released early next year. After the initial

bad press they received after the disappointing start of their tour

in Scandinavia last month, the band canceled a string of European

interviews, telling the press that they needed to spend more time

rehearsing their shows and less time talking about them. But this is a

band that has always had a diffident relationship with the press

corps, so you shouldn't put much stock in their refusal to talk. And

even when they do talk, they love to play cat and mouse with the

press. For an example of that, check out the ATN feature on the Stones

Roses in issue 1.03 of ATN, penned by the editor the very column you

are now reading.