Perry Farrell Visits The Lollapalooza "Diner"

Lollapalooza '95 kicked off its Internet site with the first live

on-line interview cum chat with festival co-founder Perry Farrell on

Monday May 15 from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM. You owe it to yourself to check

out the transcripts, because it resembles nothing so much as a

hilarious, dysfunctional Edward Albee play. At various times the

participants questioned whether this was "the real Perry" or asked

inane questions like whether Farrell was doing his own typing­­they

were amazed at the fury of his delivery, and the lack of spelling

errors. Indeed a remarkable thing to behold. He seemed a little

disconcerted at all the questions, and instead of answering actual

questions, more often than not, Farrell expounded on various pet

theories like promoting world peace through the use of computers: "I

just can see that if we keep staring at the computer, one day someone

will hypnotize us into universal peace. Amen." A half hour earlier he

told journalists in the first ever on-line Internet press conference

that "the exciting part of the art end of modern music is to create a

multidimensional field of sound, to hypnotize people, perhaps towards

peace, and venting anger in a positive nature." You think Farrell is

trying to tell us something. (You are getting very, very sleepy. Your

eyelids are getting heavy.) But all in all we did get some good solid

information out of the encounter, such as the fact that Porno for Pyros are one song

away from completing their next album, titled Urge. Asked why the

Clash weren't on the bill, Farrell told the cyber audience that

"they would have enjoyed doing it, but it's just a simple matter of

the band as a family is dysfunctional." For us the highlight was when

he spilled the beans on Dave Navarro. "I just spoke with Dave

yesterday. And he's in a dilemma figuring out where to pierce himself

next. We just recorded a song together." Over the next few weeks, fans

will get a chance to talk with the festival Main Stage talent

including Sonic Youth, Hole, Cypress Hill, Pavement, Sinead O'Connor,

The Jesus Lizard, Beck, and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.