All Wigged Out And Nowhere To Go: Eddie Vedder Rejoins Mike Watt Tour

Yes, Eddie Vedder did show-up last night at the Mike Watt/Foo

Fighters/Hovercraft show at Slim's in San Francisco. But did you know

he was wearing a blond wig? Yup, that slight figure in the dirty

blond afro milling around the sound board during Hovercraft, was none

other than Mr. Vedder watching Mrs. Vedder's band run through their

thirty minute set. But the elusive leader of Pearl Jam didn't just

come to watch. When Foo Fighters' set was over, Vedder ripped off the

'fro, and strapped on a guitar and performed with Mike Watt's band. He

sang back-up on all the numbers, and sang "his" verse on "Against The

Seventies." Mike Watt's very good friend, and member of the Geraldine

Fibbers, Carla Bozulich, also came on stage and performed a verse of

the song. Mike Watt's other very good friends Thurston Moore and Lee

Renaldo hurried over after finishing their set opening for R.E.M. to

add their considerable talents to the ad hoc band. Dave Grohl didn't

perform with Watt, since he was still feeling a little under the

weather, after his bout with the flu­­but he and Pat Smear managed to

get out of their sick beds and perform a riveting set. Pearl Jam

guitarist Jeff Ament was in the audience, but he only came to watch.

This tour finishes up at Montezuma Hall in San Diego this Saturday,

May 20­­but it's none to soon, since it appeared to have been slowly

unraveling for quite awhile. Mike Watt has enlisted members of the

Nels Kline Trio and Bazooka for his next outing. He's got Kline and

Michael Preussne from the Trio, and Vince Meghrouni from the LA

jazz-punk band Bazooka to back him up for the Lollapalooza dates

(August 3-August 19) and his upcoming UK tour.