Courtney Love Tells Vanity Fair She "Fucked Reznor"

After all the confusion over whether Courtney Love and Trent Reznor

made, what Lester Bangs used to call, "the beast with two backs,"

leave it to Courtney herself to clear things up in her own, ever so

delicate way, in the June issue of Vanity Fair . "Yeah, I

fucked Reznor, but it wasn't that great of an experience," she

matter-of-factly explains to writer Kevin Sessums, who seems to have

been standing close by while Love striped off "a dirty T-shirt and

panties" before getting into the bath. "I was slumming..." She also

tells Sessums that she's used heroin since Cobain's death. "Yeah, I

was taking drugs for a while after Kurt died...," she says. In a

truly provocative article, Love also talks about Cobain's supposed

bisexuality. "He wanted people to believe that. I don't think

he was ripping them off, either. He wanted that part of himself to be

free, but he didn't go through with that, because that wasn't his

preference....I left him with Michael Stipe one night and told him to

go explore his cravings. 'Big talker, go on!' I told him. All he'd

ever done was kiss some guy in high school and some kid in a club. He

came back the next day, and I started screaming, 'What happened?' He

said, 'I dunno. It was just weird. Nothing happened, but sort

of .' I'll never know. Michael's never told me...." Too bad we

hadn't read this before the R.E.M. press conference the other night.

We could have asked Mr. Stipe what happened. But maybe there are some

things we're just not meant to know.