Perry Farrell's Internet Press Conference Has A Few Bugs

Perry Farrell threw a press conference on the Internet yesterday and

more than 300 people logged in--but many, many more were turned away.

Despite a myriad of technical glitches, the conference went on as

expected­­actually better than expected. According to the Lollapalooza

office, Farrell was so inundated with questions, he was besides

himself­­and couldn't begin to answer even one tenth of them.

According to a spokesman, Perry wondered aloud "why anyone would want

to know that." Unfortunately, the aforementioned spokesman

wouldn't elaborate, so you'll just have to wait until later today,

when they post the results of the confab on the net at The Lollapalooza office plans to have many

more of these artist encounters, prior to and throughout the entire run

of the moveable musical smorgasbord. These on-line chats with the

artists are a great idea, and hats off the Heidi Robinson for making

the decision to issue all info regarding Lollapalooza on the Net. Very