Say It's Your Birthday: Brian Eno

Brian Eno born Brian Peter George St. John Le Baptiste de la Salle

Eno, was born on this day in 1948. He joined Roxy Music soon after it

began and fancied himself a manipulator of the "treated" sound rather

than a formally titled musician. His contribution provided Roxy with

its sweeping tonal washes, peculiar noises, and beeps and blips on

electronic keyboards and tapes. He virtually co-starred with Brian

Ferry on their first two albums and rumors were always abound that

this was not to Ferry's liking. Insiders always insisted this was the

reason why Eno left the group in 1971. (But as they say, time heals

all wounds, even wounds of the ego, and on Ferry's most recent solo

album, Mamouna, they worked together again, fueling speculation

that further collaborations might not be out of the question, including

a potential Roxy Music reunion). This was probably the most

fortuitous parting in musical history, since it allowed Eno to produce

a series of solo albums such as the masterful Another Green

World, his first foray into creating ambient music with

Ambient 1-Music For Airports, and My Life In The Bush With

Ghosts, the techno-tribal hybrid he produced with head Talking

Head David Byrne. Eno may not be a household name, but his influence

has been felt on a number of rock's most unique records. His

fascinating career as solo artist and producer has been one of the

most rewarding and respectable in rock history. In 1975, he began his

own Obscure Records label to release experimental material. His

groundbreaking early work influenced a slew of budding art-punk

rockers, his experiments with synthesized atmospheria serves as

intriguing muzak for rock fans, and his innovative production skills

have been enlisted by rockers as diverse as David Bowie, U2, Ultravox,

Devo, Talking Heads, and James. He also collaborated with the likes of

John Cale, Robert Fripp, Daniel Lanois, David Byrne and his brother

Robert Eno. In recent years, Eno has created increasingly

sophisticated ambient soundtracks for his own multimedia

installations, which have appeared in galleries in Venice, Milan, San

Francisco, and Tokyo. Eno continues to release albums in both pop and

contemporary genres.

It is also the birthday of Mike Oldfield and Trini Lopez.