Beatles 6 CD Set & TV Special Coming Soon

OK. If you're not sick of hearing about the Beatles, here's the latest

on the upcoming album and TV special on the Fab Four, as they were

referred to in the mid-'60s. Two Lennon demos, "Free As a Bird" and

"Real Love" have had tracks added by George, Ringo and Paul. They will

be included on a six-CD set of unreleased Beatles tracks that will

include, according to the Los Angeles Times, leftover songs,

alternate versions, and rehearsal tapes, as well as home and concert

recordings. Producer George Martin, who produced all of the Beatles

albums, has suggested a song lineup that the three ex-Beatles are

considering. There are also two other Lennon home demos including

"Growing Old With Me"; it's unclear whether those songs will be

completed. Paul, George, and Ringo were filmed jamming on oldies and

some of that session will be included in the upcoming Beatles TV

special, "The Beatles Anthology," but the Times reports that

there are no plans for releasing the material on CD. Yeah, sure. For TV

airing, the special will be five hours in length; a ten hour version

will also be sold.