Mike Danger, Private Eye On The Street Again

Some 54 years ago detective novelist Mickey Spillane (best known for

his Mike Hammer character) created Mike Danger, a hard-boiled private

eye that actually served as the prototype for Hammer. Danger was to

have been a comic book character, but the project was deep-sixed when

Spillane joined the Air Force after Pearl Harbor was bombed. After he

left the service, the Mike Hammer stories made Spillane one of the

best selling authors in the world. Now Mike Danger is back­­and as a

comic book character, as originally intended. The first issue of

"Mickey Spillane's Mike Danger" is in stores, with a terrific cover by

no less a talent than Frank Miller himself. Miller drew Batman for

years, and has recently made waves with his own "Sin City." Spillane

is providing ideas for the series, but is leaving the actual writing to

Max Allen Collins, who wrote the Dick Tracy comic strip for many

years. The first issue is certainly worth seeking out if you dig

private eye novels, Morphine, film noir, or cool comics.