A Posthumous Happy Mother's Day From Frank Zappa.

Back in October of 1994, Rykodisc purchased the entire catalog of Frank

Zappa, which consisted of nearly 60 albums. Never ones to allow any grass to

grow under their feet, Rykodisc immediately began plans to re-release all of

the albums. All the artwork was restored to the original album specs:

lyrics, photos, and credits had to be checked and updated. In many cases

previously unseen photographs were unearthed and added to the package.

Rykodisc spared no expense, hiring Zappa's longtime visual co-conspirator,

the brilliant artist/designer Carl Schenkel, to evoke the spirit of the

original albums. Next all the titles were shuffled and reshuffled until they

were in a quasi-chronological order, and viola, the decks were cleared to

begin releasing the works of "The Composer Who Refuses To Die" to an

unsuspecting public. The first round of releases--We're Only In It For The


Lumpy Gravy,Over-Nite Sensation,and Apostrophe,(')

(Zappa's first orchestral album), London Symphony Orchestra Vol. 1 &

II, and Does Humor Belong In Music--saw the light of day on April

18. The remaining 47 will all be available on or before Mother's Day. Some

of the highlights are Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Weasels Ripped My

Flesh,and The Yellow Shark.Any mother would love one.