Adam Ant: No Picnic


say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. By now you all

have clicked on Geffen's web sight and took a gander or two at Slash's

two hundred pet snakes. Now Capitol Records is bringing you Adam Ant's

Interactive Ant Farm. Not quite as literal as Geffen's sight, the ant

farm is actually three interactive games that you can download from

the Capitol Records web site, or from MTV Online. All the graphics are

by noted Los Angeles artist, Kaylan Campbell, and lead you on a

chronological journey through Adam Ant's career, by playing Ant Slots,

Antagram, and Ant On The Range. Accompanying the games of course is

music from Ant's new album Wonderful. Makes you kind of hanker

for the chilly scales of Slash's little darlings. All you music bugs

can find it at