Courtney Love: The Ugly American

Apparently Courtney Love is not acting like a perfect lady in the

land of the wooden shoes­­to put it mildly she got downright physical

with some of her fans in Amsterdam this week. In case you missed

yesterday's "MNOTW," we can now fill you in with a few more details.

Less than a half an hour into Hole's set at the Paradiso Club, Love

stopped the show when someone from the balcony tossed a cup of "liquid

refreshment" onto the stage. Love leaped onto a stack of speak,

shouting obscenities, before running upstairs to where the offender

sat. When she got to the balcony, she started to flail wildly at who

she thought was the perpetrator of this alcoholic shower, actually

connecting with some of concert-goers. She finally consented to

return to the stage, but her rage hadn't yet been quenched, so she

began throwing drums, smashing guitars and pitching microphone stands

into the audience. Hans Sondern, who was in the audience, commented

that Hole's show was "overdone and not very professional." Love's

reception in Milan the week before was a little warmer. The audience

was touched by her a cappella version of the Beatles' "Hey Jude,"

which she dedicated to her late husband, telling the crowd it was

"Kurt's favorite song." The crowd sang along with Courtney, and at

the end of the rendition she asked them, "Do you think he heard

us?" Members of the Italian audience were also taken by the fact that

Ms. Love wore no underwear at all under her thin white dress. And

Dylan Carlson, the man who allegedly procured the shotgun Kurt Cobain

used to kill himself, is playing in London on May 18 at the London

Highbury Garage with his band, Earth. Their first EP was produced by

Cobain and features him screaming on one track.

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