Ex-4 Non Blondes Leader Linda Perry Changes Her Sound

Linda Perry, the outspoken former leader of 4 Non Blondes says she

hates "listening to" the group's one album, Bigger, Better,

Faster, which sold some four and 1/2 million copies. "The record

we did was like this constant growling I did vocally, getting in

people's faces," she told the San Francisco Examiner's Jane

Ganahl. "I hate listening to it now." Perry has been living in a Hotel

Mondrian hotel suite in Hollywood for the past few months, recording

her first solo album for Interscope Records. She claims to have

abandoned the Zep-influenced hard rock sound of 4 Non Blondes. "I sing

softer on this record," she says. As for the music: "It's very, I

don't know, musical. When you listen, you go on a journey. It's

really hard to describe because it's like a mood. It's not commercial,

it's not pop, it's not rock 'n roll. It's more like Pink Floyd's

Dark Side of the Moon." One guest artist appearing on the album

is former Jefferson Airplane/Starship singer Grace Slick. As for a

more contemporary artist, Perry says, "I don't want to hang with

people like that lead singer from the Cranberries who fucking yodels

all day." When Ganahl noticed that Perry has the words "WANT IT ALL"

tattooed across her knuckles, she asked Perry if that was her "slogan

for life." "Yes," responded the singer. "And when I die, I'll have it

changed to, 'HAD IT ALL.' I'm sure of it."

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