ATN Christmas List

OK. It's the day before Christmas. You're having a panic

attack. You still haven't bought presents for a few friends, and you're at a

loss as to what to get them. Never fear, ATN is here. Ten albums that would

make perfect gifts:

1) Oyster, Heather Nova: Highly emotional singer

who reminds us a bit of Patti Smith.

2) Wowee Zowee, Pavement:

There's a lazy desert vibe to their rock that is irresistible.

3) Alice

In Chains: For the alterna-headbanger on your list. Rocks like a wrecking

ball out of control.

4) Merkin Ball, Pearl Jam (with Neil Young):

Single of the year.

5) Mirror Ball, Neil Young (with Pearl Jam):

Rawest, Heaviest album of Young's and Pearl Jam's careers.

6) Alien

Lanes, Guided By Voices: Lo-fi recordings of songs that should be in the

Top 10. Beatles, Kinks, Bowie T Rex and other classics have influenced this

genius Dayton band.

7) Insomniac, Green Day: What can we say about

the punky pop trio that every 14 year old on your list loves?

8) Mellon

Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Smashing Pumpkins: One of the best two

record sets every made, this rocks just as intensely as Siamese Dream,

there's just a lot more tunes.

9) Saturday Morning Cartoon's Greatest

Hits: Great collection of cartoon theme songs done up by the likes of the

Ramones, Sponge, Helmet and others.

10) Adios Amigo, Ramones: The

swan-song for the band that invented punk. And it kicks ass.