Jonathan Fire*Eater's Magic Bus Ride

They read, they drink, they rock.

Stuart Lupton, the beautifully haunted lead singer for

that rising proto-punk garage band from Washington D.C., Jonathan Fire*Eater,

told ATN that he and organist Walter Martin just rode a Greyhound bus to New

York City from their native D.C., and he spent the time reading Ernest

Hemmingway's The Sun Also Rises . "Every time I pick up that book it

makes me want to drink, drink lots of red wine," Lupton said of the book

Hemmingway wrote about America's expatriate community, who decadently passed

the time drinking absinthe and water and attending bullfights. So drink he and

Walter did, until all hours of the night. Lupton told me about another drinking

bout that occurred the week before when he and Martin attended the Iggy Pop

show at Coney Island High. "I just saw him, and he's quite bizarre, he has a

very strange look," Lupton said. "He looks like a Swedish ski instructor with

his long dyed hair and leather vest." Lupton also wanted to disabuse us of the

notion that his first band, the Ignobles, was named after Iggy. "We weren't

that into Iggy," he claims. "We used to play Sex Pistols songs all the time,

then we played reggae songs--but we never ever played Stooges songs." Yeah,