And So Does Marion

Marion, England's Shy Britpop Band

When Marion, the Manchester baby-band got to San

Francisco's Cat's Grill recently, it was teeming with Anglophiles who had

caught the Marion buzz--but unfortunately the band was not able to show

themselves at their best, since something was amiss with the PA. The opening

band who was due to go on at 9:30 didn't hit the stage until after 11:00 PM,

and when they did it was a strain to hear them. Marion didn't go on stage until

1:00 AM, and by 1:15 and after only two songs, the beautiful lead singer, Jaime

Harding told the patient audience mid-song that he couldn't hear himself, they

couldn't hear him, and although the band would love to play for them, they just

couldn't. After the painful recitation the band stormed off-stage with their

heads down right out the front door into the foggy San Francisco night. The

group played just three dates in America to promote This World And Body,

their first album, which was released on November