Zappa Statue

He never would have imagined it.

And now a statue of the late Frank Zappa

stands tall in Lithuania. Certainly when he led his

groundbreaking combo, the Mothers of Invention,

recording classic (dare we say revolutionary) material

for Freak Out! and Absolutely Free,

Frank Zappa did not imagine that some day, in Russia of all places,

a statue of himself would be erected. But last

weekend, in Vilnius, the capital of the former Soviet

republic, a Zappa statue was indeed unveiled as

part of the observation of his Dec. 21 birthday, Reuters

reports. Lithuania's Zappa fan club also is

planning to open the Frank Zappa Library. Now would that

library contain banned and censored books?

Zappa, as we're sure you know, was very vocal in his

protests against censorship and government