Chris Isaak, Mermen, Mark Kozelek Appear At ATN One Year Bash

Coop art that graced the ATN anniversary poster. Already a collector's item.

Addicted To Noise rocked the night away last night (Dec.


celebrating its one year anniversary at the renowned San Francisco

night spot, The Bottom of the Hill. The highlight of the party was a

surprise appearance by Chris Isaak, who smartly chose to forgo

playing big hits like "Wicked Game " and "Somebody's Crying" for a

five song set of obscure covers. For the occasion, Isaak, resplendent

in suit and Hawaiian shirt, his pompadour glistening, plugged his

Gretsch Chet Atkins guitar into a borrowed amp, while his ace drummer

and sidekick, Kenny Dale Johnson, sang backup vocals and held down the

rhythm on just a snare drum. Making some kind of non-sequitur type

remark about San Francisco's Mission District, Isaak began his 20

minute set with the lovely "La Tumba Serra Final," which as you might

gather, is a Spanish number. He followed with spell-binding renditions

of "Pretty Paper," "Blue Darlin'," "Thunder Road," and after briefly

considering Ricky Nelson's "Lonesome Town," opted instead for the

Nelson hit "Believe What You Say." Suffice it to say that you could

hear a pin drop as the '90s star, in a playful mood, joked with

Johnson and the crowd. As he left the club, Isaak was deluged with

fans wanting autographs. A member of the ATN staff, who shall go

nameless, pushed her way through to the Man and forced him to

autograph the back of a soiled ATN party invitation, addressing his

comments to ATN editor Michael Goldberg. This is what Isaak wrote:

"Mr. G Thanks for the audition. We know lots more songs­­Kinks,

Abba..." We'll have you back for round two next year Chris.

Chris Isaak wowed the crowd with a five song set.