Cast Jailed

The debut album, in all it's glory.

ATN European correspondent Erwin Blom reports: Cast front

man John Power and drummer Keith O'Neill spent fourteen hours in a French

police cell after smashing up a hotel room. According to the Britpop-band from

Liverpool, the pair were released after the bills had been paid. John Power

told Addicted To Noise: "We got exceptionally drunk on the wrong cocktail of

sake, red wine, brandy and champagne, made a scud-missile and blew up a

hotel-room, apparently. Then the police came to arrest us. All the time we were

in separate cells and it was freezing cold. That's all I can remember, because

I was drunk. I didn't sign anything, only my declaration that I was innocent.

All the charges were dropped in the end, so I have to keep that up." Cast

played a gig in Nantes only an hour after the two band members were released.

Their excellent, very poppy debut album will be released in the U. S. come the