Midnight At The Oasis

So the boys are taken with the slender Ms. Moss, are they?

The stars are out tonight. Oasis played a surprise show at

the Viper Room last night, after agreeing to it just the night before when they

were hobnobbing with Johnny Depp and Kate Moss. At one point this past Sunday,

during the long night the Mancunians spent with Depp and Moss, Depp remarked

that it would be very cool if the band would perform at his club. Liam thought

it was a spectacular idea (and was rather smitten with the Miss Moss), as did

the rest of the band. Depp told his people, and someone told KROQ, who

announced it at about 3:00 PM yesterday afternoon. In fact, it was announced

much to the band's surprise. To tell you truth, they forgot that they'd

promised--but after a few phone calls the whole matter was straightened out,

and the band showed up at the club in time to play their short but stunning set

at 12:15 AM. At one point there were more than 1000 people in line to get into

the tiny club--a line that included members of Offspring, Korn, as well as

Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots. Silverchair were already inside holding

court with their own cadre of admires including Depeche Mode's David Gahan and

Cult leader Ian Astbury (looking a little much like David Koresh). Before

departing, Astbury put his hands on each member of Silverchair's head, and

planted a big wet one, smack in the center of each forehead. Some bizarre

ritual no doubt, which gave the trio from Aussie a little