ATN Publisher Makes Newsweek "Net 50"

ATN's Michael Goldberg, stunned by the news. Photograph by Jay Blakesberg.

We don't mean to blow our own horn (oh yes we do!), but

the new issue of Newsweek arrived today (the one with Santa on the cover

and a little kid sitting on his knee telling him: "You can't fool me...You're

not the real Bill Gates.") and lo and behold, it contained this feature called

"The Net 50." "Where to find the Big Thinkers of tomorrow?" asked

Newsweek in the introduction. "Start here, with Newsweek's list

of the 50 People Who Matter Most on the Internet. Many of them aren't household

names, but they're supplying the vision, the tools and the content that are

getting millions of people to turn on their modems." So anyway, we were

thumbing through this feature and there, on page 46, was listed none other than

Addicted To Noise editor and publisher, Michael Goldberg. (Last year

Newsweek named Addicted To Noise executive VP/Director of Technology Jon

Luini one of the 50 people who matter most in new media.) Here's what

Newsweek has to say about Goldberg, who has just two obsessions: rock

'n' roll and the Net: "Music Maven. Goldberg is a former Rolling Stone editor

now in charge of Addicted To Noise, an online music magazine that's a haven for

big-name rock critics--and music fans. The 'zine carries the best music columns

around--even better than what you'll find in print." 'nuff