Lou Reed & John Cale Disagree (So What Else Is New?)

Once the geatest rock band of all time? Some think so.

Are Lou Reed and John Cale feuding? That's what the

L.A. Times reported yesterday (Sun., Dec. 17). Lou Reed wouldn't let the

Velvet Underground's music be used in either of the two upcoming films about

Andy Warhol. About one of the films, I Shot Andy Warhol (which details

Valerie Solanas' 1968 attack), Reed's publicist told the Times' Steve

Hochman: "Lou said that he didn't want anything to do with something that

glorifies a despicable person." John Cale, on the other hand, composed the

instrumental score for that film and the other, Basquiat (about a young

artist for whom Warhol served as mentor). "[Reed's] decision was made in haste

without actually seeing a copy of the script," Cale told Hochman. "In no way

does the movie glorify her. I don't know why that presumption was part of his

equation." The Times also reports that the "rift" between Reed and Cale

will make it unlikely that the surviving Velvets (Sterling Morrison died

earlier this year) will perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction

ceremony in New York on Jan. 17. "I don't think 'performing' is an option,"

Cale said.