Iggy Pop Popped

Iggy from his early Stooges' days.

Iggy Pop told us the way he stays so svelte (although he

disagrees adamantly that's he's even thin) is that he practices an ancient form

of Tai Chi daily. Last month his odd exercise regime got him into a bit of

trouble. While he was on the way to the set of the Crow II he decided to

pull his car over at a vacant lot, got out and began going through the odd

contortions required for this discipline. In mid-contortion, a member of Los

Angeles' finest pulled over and drew a gun on him, demanding to know what he

was doing. Given that Iggy Pop has shoulder-length platinum hair, dresses

rather eccentricity and is--let's be honest--a bizarre looking individual, we

can see why he piqued the cop's interest. Iggy pleaded that he was an actor and

harmless (and he expected the cop to believe him?). He finally had to dredge up

a SAG card and the directions to the Universal lot where they were shooting,

before cop finally let him go--without a clue as to who he