Say It’s Your Birthday: Johnny Rzeznik

There's no better birthday present than a gold record (other than getting laid, of course).

For many, arriving at the age of thirty is cause for
serious pause, if not full-blown clinical depression. But for Johnny Rzeznik,
singer/guitarist of the Goo Goo Dolls, the big three-o figures to be a
breeze–1995 could even be the best year of his life. The Goo Goo Dolls third
album, A Boy named Goo, contains “Name,” the break-out hit that fans of
the Buffalo, New York, trio always believed was just around the corner. And for
a band that has occasionally born the brunt of accusations that their sound
rather too much resembles the Replacements, it’s gratifying that they’ve broken
through with a record their hero, Paul Westerberg, might actually covet. Now
that they’ve turned that corner, they get to do all the cool stuff like being
invited on David Letterman. But they’re not yet so cool that they’re above
getting scratched from the very same Letterman show at the last minute, as
happened last Friday. Oh well, now that Johnny has attained his full maturity,
he’s no doubt better equipped to handle the ups and downs of impending
superstardom. It is also the birthday Glen Graham (Blind Melon) and Craig Gill