ATN News Update: Manson Triumphant In New Jersey!!

Manson will perform at Ozzfest.

A Federal

District Judge ruled today that Marilyn Manson can't be prevented from

performing at the June 16 Ozzfest scheduled to take place at Giants

Stadium in New Jersey.

Federal District Judge Alfred Wolin issued a preliminary order this

afternoon (May 7) preventing the New Jersey Sports Authority from

prohibiting the Ozzfest if Manson is on the bill.

Paul Cambria, attorney for Marilyn Manson, told ATN that Wolin's ruling

"shows that the First Amendment is alive and well in New Jersey."

The judge's order restrains the Sports Authority from prohibiting


performance on June 15; from prohibiting or otherwise interfering with

ticket sales for Ozzfest; and from taking any action to repudiate or


its contract to lease the stadium for the concert.

The Sports Authority issued a statement saying that it "is disappointed


Judge Wolin's decision. The safety and welfare of our patrons was the

impetus for the Authority's position on this issue and remains a


of Sports Authority management." The Authority and its attorneys will

review the full thirty page opinion before making further statements.

Cambria countered that, "The Authority was really operating on the basis


misinformation" about Manson's concerts. He expressed his hope that


reviewing the opinion, [the Sports Authority] will accept the fact that


First Amendment doesn't allow any municipality to bar performances


because they disagree with the content of the performance."