Electronica Summer Fest Renamed Chaotica

Chemical Brothers hangin' in Manhattan. Photo by Scott Wynn.

The electronica touring festival referred to as Organic for the past few

months, will actually be called Chaotica and will kick off with five shows in

July, followed by 15 in September.

The festival, which will be similar to

the one-off event held in the San Bernadino National Forest recreation area in

Big Bear, California last summer is, according to a source close to the

action, expected to feature ("90% sure") the

Chemical Brothers (see feature in current issue of ATN), Prodigy, The Orb and

Meat Beat Manifesto.


Chaotica events will be held in sports arenas, with a main stage and a "smaller

room in the back" that will house a rotating slate of DJs. There will also be

DJs on the main stage before and in-between acts.

The concerts, which

organizers hope will run from approximately 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. (depending on

curfew laws) will be eight hours long and feature between 10 and 12 bands.