Wang Chunging? We'll Pass

Maybe Andy Warhol assured us that everybody would get their stab at 15 minutes

of fame in the future, but can anybody clarify whether that was an aggregate or

one-time deal, and does it include best of compilations? The reason we ask is

that Geffen Records is issuing something called Everybody Wang Chung

Tonight...Wang Chung's Greatest Hits (March 25), which, as far as we can

tell, after you get through the hits "Everybody Have Fun Tonight," "Dance Hall

Days" and "To Live and Die in L.A.," is about 11 songs longer than it should


The 14-track collection is padded out by a new dance remix of "Dance

Hall Days" by UK DJ's the Rapino Bros., a previously unavailable on CD ballad

demo of "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" and a new song, "Space Junk," written,

recorded and produced by WC members Jack Hues and Nick Feldman specifically for

this collection. Still, we're left wondering "What the hell is a 'Wang Chung'

and why would I want to do it tonight?"