Fishbone Member To Release East L. A. Compilation

Fishbone funkin' up Lollapalooza a few years back. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Fishbone's Norwood Fisher has a unique notion of community service. His idea of

giving back to the community is putting together a compilation of East L. A.

bands on his new label, Mexnut. Called Barrio Artistas (early May), the

15-track album is the first from the label started by the high-energy funketeer

and his partner, Eddie Ayala, a former member of the legendary early 80's L.A.

punk band, Los Illegals.

Norwood told ATN the recent Trulio Disgracias

show at the Roxy (Feb. 9), which featured a guest spot from George Clinton, was

a celebration of the final tracking of songs for the collection, which is being

co-produced by Fisher and Ayala. "We brought a bunch of mostly new bands,

probably 22, into the Fishbone studio, the Nuttsack," Fisher said, "and we got

some amazing stuff from them."

Fisher described the range of styles on the

album as "all over the place." But Fisher emphasized that all the bands in some

way reflect their East L. A. environment. "They all have a neighborhood

influence. That's the appealing thing to me," Fisher said, "It's what we try to

do in Fishbone. We try to make it a mix of what we listen to, what we're into

and mix it with the influence of our neighborhood and the music we grew up


To that end, Artistas will have rap, rock rap, funk, punk,

punk hybrids and an intriguing surprise turn Fisher described as "beautiful

vocal stylings like Alanis Morissette and Poe." Bands scheduled for inclusion

are: Motita, Marble, Calazera, Quetzal, Lisa Flores and Ayala's new band,

Cactus Flower.

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