Estrus Records "Fireshock" Benefits

The label is home to the coolest garage bands around.

Washington's rock community has quickly mobilized to set up cross-country

benefits for Estrus Records, the surf/instrumental/garage rock label whose

warehouse was gutted by fire a month ago (January 16). Already one benefit show

took place on February 8 in Stockholm, Sweden that featured The Nomads and Dee


According to an Estrus website

(, a string of Estrus Appreciation

"Fireshock" benefit shows are in the works, with more to come. A source who's

helping set up the shows told ATN that the Estrus brain trust thought it would

be a better idea to do a bunch of regional shows than try to get everyone in

the same place at the same time.

Here are the confirmed shows thus


*Chicago Fireshock: March 1st, at the Empty Bottle, featuring: The

Goblins, Crown Royals, Chinese Millionaires, The Pokers, Bouncing Balls, Thee

Phantom 5ive.

*Houston Fireshock: March 7th, at Mary Jane's, featuring:

Sugar Shack, Lord High Fixers, The Motards, Kiss-Offs (part 1.4.5's), Junior


*Dallas Fireshock: March 8th, at The Orbit Room, featuring: Sugar

Shack, Lord High Fixers, The Motards, Kiss Offs, Mullins.

*St. Louis

Fireshock: March 8, at the Hi-Pointe (matinee show), featuring: The Bent

Scepters, Prisonshake, The Delstars, The Geargrinders.

*Seattle Fireshock:

March 22nd, at Moe's, featuring: The Galaxy Trio, Black Jack, Madame X, The

Statics, Boss Martians, El Dorado.

*Boston Fireshock: March 29th, at The

Middle East, featuring: Sex Bomba, X-Ray Tango, The Itchies, The


T-shirts, posters and other benefit items are in the works and

supporters are hoping to get a benefit CD together soon, in addition to a Mono

Men tribute double-7".