George Clinton Jams With Fishbone Spin-Off

Deliverin' the Funk. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

It was a meeting of the funkin' minds at Hollywood's Roxy nightclub this past

Sunday night (February 9). For those who passed by the marquee and didn't think

to check out the band Trulio Disgracias, you missed an epic 45-minute jam

between Fishbone and the father of funk, George Clinton.

Clinton, in town

for the Image Awards and an appearance on the Tonight Show, got word that the

Disgracias crew--a P-Funk-like collective of musicians that includes members of

Fishbone, Weapon of Choice, Vicky Calhoun of Spigot, ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper

Arik Marshall, two ex-members of Spearhead, members of Super 8 and whoever else

feels like jamming--wanted him to drop by. Fishbone's Norwood Fisher told ATN

that Disgracias' numbers fluctuate between 15 and 30 members, and on this bill,

which also included Yeska and the Epitaph band Union, there was plenty of room

for one more.

Fisher said Clinton was there from the beginning of the

show, when he "started off with some of the newer rhymes off his last couple of

albums, then we jammed on a whole bunch of songs: 'One Nation,' 'Night of the

Thumpasaurus People,' 'Red Hot Mama,' 'Do That Stuff,' 'Uncle Jam Wants You.'

He would get a chant going, then jump into another song."

After about 45

minutes, Clinton stepped down and Disgracias did their set of Afro-Cuban

influenced funk, what Fisher called "the Nutmeg sound. All nuts, anyway you

slice it."

Although it's hard to believe, this was only the second meeting

of these two funk forces, according to Norwood. "He played with us at one of

Madonna's birthday parties back in 1989, I think."

Fisher also said

Fishbone have tracked 11 songs for their next album with R&B producer Dallas

Austin, their first for Rowdy Records. Tentatively-titled The Nutcase

Scenario, Fisher hopes to have it out by summer. In the meantime, they're

looking for the person who videotaped the Roxy show, because they just might

want to release that someday, you know?