Des Moines Gets Their MTV

Add Des Moines, Iowa to the list of cities that not only want their MTV, but

are going to get it, too. On Sun. (Jan. 26) we reported that the cable giant

TCI has reversed its decision to yank MTV and VH1 from millions of homes.

Although TCI spokesperson Joann Dobbs told ATN that "even though the

reaction from MTV's fans was very intense, more intense than VH1's, we expect

MTV to re-launch in all the cities except Des Moines and Grand Rapids,

Michigan, where it seems like people just don't care for it." Wrong.


Dobbs has now confirmed that MTV is back on the tube in Des Moines. One of our

Des Moines-based readers reports: "In Des Moines we mobilized quickly, led by

radio station KKDM. 12,000 signatures went on petitions, a large protest was

held in front of TCI's offices and action was taken at City Council meetings.

The issue didn't leave the front page for a month. TCI backed down here as well

because we cared enough to rally and protest."

"We re-launched to those

customers who want the channel," said Dobbs. "That's the only city where,

because of some opposition to MTV, TCI is committed to an aggressive program

that places traps in homes that don't the channel to block that programming."

Dobbs told ATN that TCI will be waiving the usual $23 charge for

installation of the trap, which will allow parents to screen out MTV if they

choose. "We consider this a win-win situation," said Dobbs.