Bis Lampoon Fake Indie Labels

Our kind of band.

Bis, those cute Glaswegian teens who signed to the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal

label after a vicious bidding war last year, are so jaded they make the first

wave of punkers look like uptight Poindexters by comparison. How do we know?

Well, just one listen to their recently-released GR EP, This is Teen-C

Power! reveals a remarkably sharp wit, not to mention a weird clairvoyance

not usually found in such young buds.

Imagine a mix of the Runaways,

Lunachicks, Gang of Four, Devo and a punkier/poppier Talking Heads and you

might start getting a sense for what these three energetic boys and girls

(Manda Rin, Sci-Fi Steven, John Disco) are capable of. Take the New Wavy jump

spazz song "This is Fake D.I.Y.," for instance. The seemingly autobiographical

lyrics, allegedly written before they signed their GR deal, read like an almost

too-dead-sly playful slag of their new bosses:

"This is funded by a


"but shabbily packaged to pretend that it's cool

"this is a fake

indie label

"release the records you want but yr under our rule


is limited edition

"with a nice little sticker and a personal


"this is limited edition

"how they sell it so cheap it's no

longer a wonder..."

Heard alongside the snotty dirt rock of "Kill Yr

Boyfriend" and bouncy Japan pop of "Kandy Pop," it's no wonder the folks at GR

were high on this band, who started recording their full-length debut just

moments after the ink on the contract had dried. Bis' full-length debut is

scheduled for a spring release.