ATN Police Blotter: Wilson Pickett Indicted

Soul legend Wilson ("In the Midnight Hour") Pickett faces up to

five years in prison after being indicted on cocaine possession charges on

Wednesday (January 15).

A judge in Hackensack, N.J. indicted the

55-year-old singer nine months after police said they found 2 grams of blow in

his night stand during a search last April, precipitated by a sighting of a

partially clad, bleeding woman who was screaming Pickett' name, according to an

Associated Press report.

The woman, who was reportedly a frequent

house guest of Picketts', did not file charges and told police she was injured

when she fell on a glass-top table. This is Pickett's second brush with the law

this year. In July he pled guilty to being under the influence of cocaine while

serving five years' probation for hitting an 86-year-old pedestrian while

driving drunk in 1992. In that case, his parole was revoked and he spent the

month of Sept. behind bars.