ATN Police Blotter: Notorious B.I.G & Keith Murray

Gangsta rapper Notorious B.I.G. had his day in court yesterday, after an arrest

warrant was issued for him in Camden, New Jersey last Wednesday (Jan. 8) when

he failed to show up to answer an assault charge. The warrant was in connection

with an alleged May 1995 assault.

B.I.G., aka Christopher Wallace, couldn't

use the excuse that he overslept when he finally made it into court this Tues.

(Jan. 14), because, according to an Associated Press report, he was

cat-napping even as his lawyer was disputing claims that the rapper and his

manager beat and robbed a concert promoter's driver, Nathaniel Banks, following

a canceled 1995 performance in Camden.

Banks, who is suing for unspecified

damages, testified that the two men assaulted him, although Biggie probably

didn't hear that either, since he dozed during much of the testimony. The

Notorious one still faces drug and weapons charges and another assault charge

stemming from an alleged attack outside a New York nightclub last


Meanwhile, on the same day in neighboring New Britain, Connecticut,

rapper Keith Murray, who was convicted of assault in Dec., was handed a stiff

three-year sentence for cracking a bar stool over a 16-year-old fan's head in

May of 1995. The Associated Press reports that the rapper, (who will be

sampled on the upcoming Chemical Brothers song "Electrobank"), will appeal the

three-year sentence, which also carried three years' probation.


assault on David Hughes in a New Britain nightclub reportedly left the teen

with disfiguring scars on his head and face. In sentencing the rapper, whose

1994 debut, The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World was considered by

many to be among the strongest debut rap albums in recent memory, the judge

cited Murray's long rap sheet, which includes assault, attempted assault and

three drug convictions.